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What grade levels is PRESS designed for?
PRESS is intended for elementary grades, K-5. Interventions cover the essential components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

How is PRESS different from other reading interventions?

Unlike comprehensive interventions, in which instruction is comprised of multiple reading components, PRESS interventions are targeted to the specific skill area that students need.  PRESS offers interventions in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Interventions were developed using existing, evidence-based practices and approaches.


What assessments do I need to work with PRESS?

The PRESS data-driven decision making process and interventions are compatible with a variety of assessment systems. This flexibility allows the PRESS framework to integrate with school assessment systems already in place. The decision making process begins as educators review universal screening data. Many systems offer universal screening assessments - aimsweb, FastBridge Learning, and DIBELS, to name a few.  Next, diagnostic tools for phonemic awareness and phonics, and skill-based progress monitoring assessments are provided in the PRESS manuals. These data works in tandem with grade-level general outcome measures (GOMs) for progress monitoring offered by many assessment systems, such as those previously mentioned. 


How do I implement PRESS?

This website provides resources for learning and implementing the PRESS framework in your school. Start by previewing the video collections and downloadable resources within the LEARN and TOOLS pages. You can also request a quote for on-site support for your school or district. Complete the inquiry form to receive more information.


What services and resources does PRESS provide?
We provide intervention and assessment manuals to support the planning and implementation of the PRESS framework. We also host a number of workshops throughout the year. See our event listing here. Additionally, we provide on-site workshops and consulting to schools and districts. Please complete the training inquiry form to receive a price quote and to discuss specific support options.

How can I access PRESS materials?
Ebooks are available to purchase here and are included with your website subscription. Print versions of the PRESS manuals can be ordered here.

How much does PRESS training cost?
Support from PRESS is variable depending on your school/district needs, participant numbers, and location. Please complete the inquiry form and you will receive a custom price quote via email. Our staff can also recommend options for support depending on your specific needs.

Where is PRESS being implemented?
PRESS has been implemented in a variety of schools and districts in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio, and we continue to expand nationally. You can connect with others implementing PRESS through the Community page of this website

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