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Learn the PRESS framework for tiered systems of support in elementary literacy through a variety of workshops offered at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  You can also contact us to learn more about on-site professional development for your school or district.

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On-site Professional Development

Are you considering PRESS implementation in your school or district?

Our workshops are designed to offer the continuous support educators need to successfully learn and implement the PRESS framework. Workshops can be sequenced throughout the school year, providing timely information with practical next steps.

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Workshop Options

PRESS offers five distinct workshops to help you implement PRESS effectively in your school. Our offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs you have and workshops can be sequenced to provide comprehensive approaches to your implementation of PRESS. Each workshop is described briefly below. Please contact us to learn more.


PRESS: A Systematic Framework for School Improvement

Full Day

For administrators and literacy leaders who are considering PRESS implementation.

An introduction to the four pillars of PRESS and how to use strategies from the framework to create a cohesive structure for multi-tiered systems of support in K-5 reading.

Classwide Interventions

Half Day

Learn an efficient process to analyze screening data and plan supplemental tier 1 supports for whole-class implementation. Specifically, we demonstrate a classwide intervention framework for classrooms where over half of students have been identified as below grade level on a universal screening measure.

Quality Core Instruction

Half Day

Growth in literacy for all students is dependent upon strong core instruction in the classroom. Workshop participants develop a common language and examine a cohesive set of instructional practices and environments. We explore how the essential components of reading align to standards and what they look like in the classroom.

Tier 2 Interventions & Introduction to Progress Monitoring

Full Day

Learn how to identify students' intervention needs using the PRESS diagnostic tools and then select and implement specific, skilled-based interventions from the PRESS Intervention Manual.

Making Decisions with Progress Monitoring Data

Half Day

Learn to examine progress monitoring data and analyze the impact of interventions. A focus is placed on continuous progress monitoring, both at the skill and grade level. Prior participation in the full day workshop Tier 2 Interventions and Introduction to Progress Monitoring is required.