Differences between 2nd and 3rd edition

Posted by Carrie Johson
  • Posted on 08/01/17 - 9:06 a.m.

Is there a description regarding the major differences in using the 2nd vs. the 3rd edition?


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Lori Helman (Professor/Director)
  • Posted on 08/15/17 - 12:53 p.m.

Hi Carrie,

One great thing about the recent intervention manual- we are just calling it an update, not a 3rd edition- is that all of the materials have been thoroughly reviewed and, when necessary, language has been clarified. If we found that users were confused, we have tried to make the procedures easier to follow. The content has not been changed, so I don't think that your teachers who are using last year's manual will have any issues.

One great thing about our update this year is that the PRESS Assessment Manual has moved to be fully online. So, folks who purchase the updated intervention manual will get PRESScommunity.org web access as well as electronic versions of resources from the assessment manual. Beginning in the next couple of weeks, materials that have been recently updated or added to the site will carry an icon to show they are new.

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