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  • Posted on 09/29/16 - 8:05 a.m.

We need clarifications after today's PD on the following regarding PRESS:

1) Are we using word lists to assess students and determine if they are ready to move on?  We have not done this in the past.  If this is something new we need guidance on it.  How many days do we teach the skill before we assess a word list?  If a student does not master the skill how long do they stay on that skill before we move on?  Some special ed students may stay on the same skill for a long time.  Does this mean there might be a better match with something else for them?
2) If we use the word lists are they timed for 1 minute and is there a minimum of how many words the students are required to read in that time?  There is a significant difference in students reading just a few words (1 line) and getting them all right compared to a student that reads 4 lines and misses 3 words yet the student that read 5 words correct would move on and the student that read 12/15 would not.  If this doesn't make sense-ask me.  Peg

3)  How long do we teach one specific skill? i.e. short a sound-3 days?  If we stay on each skill 3 days we will not make it through all five sounds before we assess every 10 days. 


These are questions that arose during our PD.  Thank you so much with your help in clarifying these.  I want to share with staff exactly what it would look like, moving from interventions, to intervention word lists and their practice, to PRESS progress monitoring, including possible time spans each should take. 



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Anne Ittner (Literacy Specialist/Coach)
  • Posted on 09/29/16 - 3:44 p.m.


Great questions!

All those questions will be answered during tomorrow's sessions on Intervention Implementation and Progress Monitoring! 




  • Posted on 10/07/16 - 1:30 p.m.

Can anyone read tomorrows sessions on intervention implementation and progress monitoring? or only premium members?


thank you,


Anne Ittner (Literacy Specialist/Coach)
  • Posted on 10/10/16 - 1:44 p.m.

Hello Raelin,

The post I was responding to was from a participant from a PRESS workshop gave that presented tools, resources, and research in the area of Tier 2 interventions and progress monitoring. The content from this workshop can also be accessed on this website in the videos under the tab "Intervene" and "Monitor".

Additionally, resources like the Implementation Checklists are also valuable tools for planning in these areas.

The Decision Making tab in the manual includes data meeting protocols and flowcharts that help you target the area of intervention. Please check out those resources.

With a premium membership you can access it all, as well as receive coaching in our discussion forum.



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