Mid-Year Universal Screening

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Are you ready for mid-year universal screening? It’s time to assess your students using universal screening measures to see if your class might have a mid-year classwide need. Please share your plan and strategies with other PRESS users.

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Our district uses Fastbridge.  We will be starting the second week after our holiday break.  Our 1-4 teachers are responsible for the CBM measures and the k teachers will be responsible for the LS measure.  Our title teachers fill in with setting up computer labs for aReading and aMath screeners and also to test using the other screeners that are left.  It usually goes pretty smoothly.  Then after we are finished-hopefully within a 2 week time frame, we look at our screening data and see who will need a class wide intervention and we will also look at our title one students to see how they have faired using the GOM measures.  

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