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Posted by Lee B
  • Posted on 10/31/16 - 11:51 a.m.

Is it necessary assess all students' fluency and accuracy using DIBELS or another standardized measure in the spring even when they've reached year-end benchmarks (for fluency and accuracy) in the fall and winter?


If yes, how do the results benefit students?


Is it necessary to assess fluent and accurate 1st graders with Nonsense Word fluency in the spring if they've reached the spring benchmarks in the winter?



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Anne Ittner (Literacy Specialist/Coach)
  • Posted on 11/01/16 - 3:16 p.m.


I would say "Yes" to administering a spring benchmark for all students even if they reached the benchmark in fall and winter. It would benefit the students because you would know that they are still at the expectations in that time of the year. If they were slipping or not progressing you would be able to take action steps to add resources if needed. As for 1st grade, most universal screeners do not assess NWF in the spring as they use the ORF to determine if the student is meeting the grade level expectation at that time.


  • Posted on 11/07/16 - 11:04 a.m.

We check for fluency in mid May and then the following school year in early September.  We are likely not going to take action or add interventions with two weeks remaining of school.  Do we still need to assess knowing these students exceed spring benchmarks for accuracy and fluency in January?

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