2019-2020 Leaders Cohort - Fall Follow-Up

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Hello 2019-2020 PRESS Leaders Cohort members! Please take some time to share your thoughts with your peers. What are your tips and tricks for getting PRESS up and running at the beginning of the school year? Feel free to discuss: universal screening, data meetings, collaborating with teachers, organizing materials, whatever this means to you!

Please respond by Friday, September 20, 2019

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  • Posted on 09/20/19 - 10:51 a.m.

At Neill, we start with Fall screening much like what has been written in the comments previously. I have a team of Interventionist which we call MTSS Specialist to support teachers-however, the classroom teacher is the primary person.  Once we collect school wide data-we will review data as a Academic Leadership Team to orient our intervention supports school wide which we call WIN as well as make adjustments to staff allocation based on data needs.  We hold data days with all grade levels where we review their grade level data, follow the Analysis to Action Protocol and determine class-wide interventions or small groups intervention.  This is our Year 2 with Press.  Last year we focused on class-wide interventions only-in the spring we began experimenting with small groups.  This year we will use the analysis to action protocol to determine school wide interventions.  We will also train our EAs on any interventions they will be supporting during the WIN block.  We will repeat this process after each screening period.  Grade level teams use their PLCs to monitor and continue data conversations as well as progress monitoring.  We come back to the data pretty regularly.  



Amy O'Hern and Alejandra Estrada-Burt 

  • Posted on 09/20/19 - 12:19 p.m.

In Winona, we have finished FAST testing and will begin screening those high risk and some risk students to determine the PRESS intervention. We have found that we have several classrooms that need whole class interventions based on the screening data. We will meet with classroom teachers to explain PRESS again and schedule times to implement until the next FAST window opens, which is October 15. I'm waiting to see how teachers feel about this, being that PRESS is new for them! Hope everyone is off to a great start:)


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Wondering your thoughts...

Our Title team is concerned that if we give the classroom teachers the PRESS interventions that students will get "bored" with them and not want to come to Title???

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The thing that I found most helpful was simply getting teachers to just try one inventory. After they tried one inventory every felt a lot more confident in their abilities to move forward. Teacher's are all seeming very thankful for the specific intervention to try.

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