Posted by Ashley Brogard
  • Posted on 11/15/16 - 9:57 a.m.

1. I am wondering if anyone has created stories for the P-3 intervention that they would be willing to share?
2. For the P-3 skill assessments, have any of your schools decided how many words should be read instead of just using accuracy? For example: If a student only reads 5 words, but they read them all correctly, they should move on. There could be a student who reads many more, but is not quite at the 90% accuracy.
3. Is there a certain intervention where each grade should stop at. For example: If I have first graders, and they test at a P-3 (phonics intervention) should I be giving them that intervention or waiting until they are in 2nd grade and have already learned about CVC & Digraphs words in first grade? 

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