PRESS Support During Distance Learning

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Our staff at PRESS are working hard to support you in these changing conditions!

At this time, anyone who creates a free PRESS account will be able to access the intervention videos and materials. Those can all be found underneath the TOOLS section of the website:

If you don't yet have a free account, sign up for one here:

You can also access demonstration videos and lesson templates to help you modify PRESS interventions for distance learning online.  

Phonemic Awareness:



Please feel free to reach out through this discussion forum and let us know what you need at this time. 

We will do our best to support you!

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Cool list! I found this great website that lists a ton of websites. I think you might wanna add it here too. I got some helpful sites and apps that my son is using now.


Kristin Burger (Literacy Specialist/Coach)
  • Posted on 04/29/20 - 1:55 p.m.

Thanks for that list as well, Evoque.  

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