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Posted by Brian Hurley
  • Posted on 02/18/22 - 9:14 p.m.

Can anyone point me in the direction of ORF expectations per grade level and benchmark period?

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Stacy Thompson (PRESS Literacy Specialist)
  • Posted on 02/21/22 - 8:56 a.m.

Hi Brian,

As a Premium User, you have access to coaching from PRESS Literacy Specialists. If you use the "NEW DISCUSSION" button, it posts your question to the broader PRESS community - this is a space for educators to connect with each other. If you'd like to connect with a PRESS coach in the future, please use the orange "ASK A COACH" button. 

In the meantime, we can provide a quick answer to your question. ORF benchmarks are set by the assessment company based on their specific measures, so you will want to reach out to the assessment company you are using to find out what their norms are. Thanks,

The PRESS team

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